As a dancer, I increasingly felt the urge to capture the volatility of movements in my own expressive manner. Because the connection with the viewer is essential to me, I create work that appeals to the imagination, and in which one can wander visually. In my art I try to represent my own reality through a relationship  between movement and matter. I do this by showing residues of movement, using all kinds of materials, such as paper, clay, glue and/or pastels to solidify my actions. My work is created through a process of planning and letting things grow, in which chance plays a major role. Also important are the surface structures that I create consciously, or allow to arise spontaneously. During the development from figurative to abstract, with objects in 2D and 3D, works arose of impaired paper, but also of gossamer glues, robust objects and sanded pastel drawings. I am currently working on variations of more or less reflective ceramic half orbs. Not only because the simplicity of the shape and coating appeal to me, but also because mirrors bring you back to yourself in a direct way. My sources of inspiration include original cultures, archaeological finds, and nature, but also visual artists such as Pollock, Van Eyck, Van Lunteren, Last and Rollema.